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Dinky’s Auction Center 2018

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Located at::
9084 E 550 N, Montgomery IN Indiana 47558
Phone: 812-486-2880
  Schedule Of EventsAuction Every Friday evening at 6:00pm .Please call Dinkys at 812-486-2880 to confirm dates.   

                                            Dinkys Auction Center
                            phone number                    812-486-2880
                            fax number                          812-486-2990
                                                 email address:
Call us for ALL your auction needs. We will come to your site or you can bring your items to
  DINKYS AUCTION CENTER.  Call 812-486-2880
  or call Levi @ 812-486-6197
For more information and to view photos
  go to:
  Our Auctioneer ID# 18776
To ALL Buyers: 
         You must first go to the lobby and register at the window to recieve your bid card. Every auction your  number will be a different number and color. If you are a ” first timer “, you will be charged 1.00 for a bar-coded DINKY card which you keep and bring back with you each time you come.As long as you have this card ,you will not have to pay to get a bid card.You must ALWAYS have an I.D. to get a bid card. There is a 6% buyers premium on everything except on the big livestock.PLEASE remember,you MUST pay for any and all items before you leave the auction.Keep an account on what you buy so you know when all your items are paid for.
  To ALL Sellers:
         You can bring your items on Thursday from 9:00am to 4:00pm and on Friday from 7:00am to auction time at 6:00pm. There is a registeration desk at the South entrance the North entrance door..on the East side by the un-loading docks for the small animal arena..and on the South entrance in the Horse Barn. There will be consignment forms for you to fill out and will have a Lot # on it which you must be sure and tag all your items with that number. Our commission rates are as follows:
On all misc items…. 1.00…..up to 4.99..35%
                              5.00 to 49.99..20%
                              50.00 to 249.99..15%
                              250.00 and up..10%
NO SALE FEE ….1/2 of the com. rate on the last bid
On vehicles and other items that have a title with it:
   min. com…25.00
                     up to 1000.00..10%
                     1001.00 and up..8%
            NO SALE FEE…25.00
On livestock sold in the livestock arena:
    sheep-goats-llamas….5.00 or 5%
    horses-ponies-donkeys-mules…12.00 or 6%
    cattle…9.00 or 6%
NO SALE FEE…1/2 of the com.rate
PAYMENT….We accept credit-debit cards-personal checks w/correct information-cash
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