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  1. Sister Brenda Engleman from the Monastery in Ferdinand, IN

    I am interested in bringing a group of 12 sisters to your area on June 4, 2015. We would like to take a tour and eat at one of the Amish homes, if possible. First of all, I am wondering what the cost for each of us would be.

    About 3 years ago, I brought a different group and we had a wonderful time. We ate at the Bishop’s home. (I know he has sense died.) Lucille Dillon organized the trip, etc. I know that she is deceased also. I lived at Montgomery for 9 years and knew her pretty well.

    I would appreciate your getting back to me as soon as possible. Thank you.
    Sr. Brenda Engleman

    1. Daviess

      Lucille’s son Mark has since taken over the business. I am sorry I didn’t see this until after the time you came to the area. Hopefully you were able to visit? In the future feel free to call us at 1-800-433-5262

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